B O T A N I C A  T U L U M  born in 2018 with the mission to recover the Cosmic Memory inside of us.

The Vision of Botanica Tulum comes from People Around the Fire with the intention to create a new model of life with dignity and respect.


The Soul Calling was to create a space for the Community to grow and share in Union.

On the context of nurturing the Community, the Tribe, through maintaining alive the Fire.

Where we can remember together our Roots, connecting with the Elements and with Ourselves.

And create strong bonds based on Integrity and Truth,

for the people to become the Medicine that the Global Community needs.

B O T A N I C A is a place where we can start to plant the seeds for that future.

In Botanica we work with the Medicine Circle of Ohtli Yancuic based on traditional Mexica medicine.